DNA Reconnection?

Have you heard of the predictions for 12/12/2012 and the Mayan and Hopi Indian predictions? The Hopi Indians say now is the time when we learn that WE ARE the ONES we have been waiting for. I believe we are entering the Aquarian Age for Planet Earth. Many of us have been reincarnating here 100,000 and thousands of years on this planet; our souls having originated from other solar systems or planets to come and seed Planet Earth. Now is the time that each of us as Light Workers have been waiting for all these thousands of years.

We are evolving into conscious beings of Love and Light who are great Creators. Because of genetic engineering and manipulation by many hundreds of thousands years ago, we lost our conscious connection to the God/Goddess within, and our DNA was manipulated to be fear-based. About 300,000 years ago, our DNA was disassembled; it was split apart unplugged in order to broadcast only within a limited frequency. The original DNA was left within the human cells, yet it is not functional. Human cells have light-encoded filaments that carry information and light connecting us to our Divine Creator. Now is the time for the healing of our DNA to connect to the powerful energies that are here to change our world by changing our consciousness.

Those who open themselves up to more light and love are literally having their cells and bodies rearranged. This rearrangement of the body is the restructuring of the DNA. Scientists call about 98% of our DNA "Junk DNA" because they are dormant and have no known purpose. Now the dormant parts of our DNA are being repaired and activated to their original Divine function and purpose. Gregg Braden, scientist and author, wrote a book about this called The God Code. He explained that our DNA carried a sacred code. Now our 12 strands of DNA can be healed for us to be the original Magnificent 5th dimensional Spiritual Beings we were meant to be.

We become beings of light and love, walking on the earth filled with the Christ Energy. We learn to manifest with our intentions. We are going through these changes at different times, and we must help one another with these changes. With the healing of our DNA, ultimately, we should experience greater states of awareness. When we look outside ourselves, we have taken the focus away from connection to our divine soul. Living from our divine soul connection is different from living from our brains and mental reasoning.

By simply following what feels good and right to us, places us in alignment with our evolutionary process. Through acceptance and knowing that all is in divine order, we create more of an opening for the higher energies to move through us. The more we practice acceptance, surrender, and allowing, the easier it gets to move forward. The work is always internal, as Christ said, "Know thy self."

This is both an exciting and trying time in the planetary ascension process. Consciousness must evolve ever more quickly. Every day brings more opportunities for becoming more awake and in love with spirit, as well as more opportunities for confusion and limitation. We are completely at choice about what we make "real" in our life. Every decision we make affects the ascension process, as do everyone else’s. We are here to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Quotes from the channel book, What is Lightbody?, from Archangel Ariel:

  1. Choose to see the pure Soul within all beings, even though they might not see it within themselves.
  2. Choose to honor the sovereign reality of all beings, even though their words or actions may hurt you.
  3. Choose to transform through ecstasy and grace, even though drama and trauma may seem more natural to you.
  4. Choose to live in this miraculous Now moment, even though nostalgia, regrets, and fear may entice you to not be Present.
  5. Choose to be a blessing to the World and All Life, even though circumstances may encourage you to harden your heart.
  6. Choose to love others, even though it may seem naïve.
  7. Choose to love God with all your being, and know that this is all that is really required.
  8. Choose to live in Heaven.

We are here as light workers or as the Pleiadians call "The Family of Light" changing the frequency, holding, keeping, and maintaining a certain frequency or vibration that is the sum total of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. As we live our vibration, we affect everyone and every place we go. Millions have incarnated at this time and are on assignment to bring the change in frequency, to assist in the rebundling of our DNA that will evolve from 2 strands to 12 strands, as we were originally created as Magnificent Powerful Beings of Light. We will learn to become conscious creators. The entire universe will rearrange itself to accommodate our pictures of reality. As we hold these higher frequencies or vibrations, we will bring information to change our world and heal our planet. We look around us in the media and see how our old system is being broken down to create and rebuild LIGHT.

Metaphysics and healing have been my passion, as long as I can remember. I have learned that I am a Lightworker whose mission is to help heal and activate our DNA. I first learned of DNA healing after reading The Power of Twelve by Ann Brewer. I completed apprenticeship training at The Temple of Truth, in May 2003, for Clearing and Blueprint Repatterning. I often refer to myself as a spiritual cleaner who removes the dark clutter that blocks us from receiving and holding Divine Light. My work helps to speed up the process of reconnection and healing of the DNA. With the Divine Creator, Ascended Masters, and Archangels, I work to remove negative energies throughout our bodies, in all our energy fields.

Namaste’ Cindy Bentley