New Frequency Beings Guidelines for Higher Living

  1. Start everyday opening your eyes to a feeling of joyous expectation of magical manifestations beyond the concepts of your limited mind. Feed your energies with higher frequency thoughts to mold your day. Allow yourself to step into your higher mind consciousness. Reject lower mind consciousness; this is your free will choice to be anchored in higher consciousness. Learn to identify the difference.

  2. Honor the Truth of your soul daily by spending time alone in silence learning to listen to the soul as it speaks to you. Start by feeling the soul; asking the questions, “How Good Does This Feel Soul?” “What should we do to feed you today?” Think of that soul as the biggest most powerful part of who you are. The awareness of Living in joy, is living from soul.

  3. Know that your soul & human self are on a journey of remembering your power. Accept that you have different unique gifts that only you can give the world, no 2 souls are the same. Love you & all your differences. Talk love to self & how much you love that you have this gift to share!!

  4. What are your intentions for your life, for your week, for your day, for this moment??What motivates you? Your highest desire in each moment determines your level of manifestation. At this moment in time, the manifestation process has never been faster. You are the controller; write it out, read it, change it, make it happen.

  5. Be honest with yourself, loving yourself first & never feel you are sacrificing anything for anybody. Remember you are always at choice in every moment & only you have power over you. Connect with the energies that feel good. You may need to release relationships that do not feel good. Release food that is not nourishing you & you may need to release places, work, & expectations of yourself & others. As the Beatles say “Just Let It Be.”

  6. If fearful thoughts arise at any moment, release & affirm” Divine Order operates with Grace & Ease in my life” The mind only wants to keep us safe with its limited awareness.

  7. We are Divine Powerful Beings navigating our way through this lifetime from the knowledge of our heart & soul. Our mind cannot conceive the Magical powers that are ours to create with Divine alignment within. Tell yourself you are experiencing a magical life. Have expectations that Divine Magic is operating every day in every moment & then be grateful for the magic.

  8. There is no permanence here, only change. In each moment you must decide how you will be, what you will be or who you will become. How you meet this moment is formed from your level of self-awareness.  

  9. With acceptance of self comes more compassion for others. As we ascend to higher frequencies, we attract only what resonates with us. This is 5D living.


By Cindy Bentley 3/23/2017