"Hello" Your Soul is Calling

What a wonderful time to be on the planet and experience this time of change from the 3rd dimension of density into the 5th dimension of Heaven on Earth. This is the dimension of pure love and joy that helps develop the state of oneness. For those Lightworkers searching for the answers to what is going on, now is the time to explore the many books and web sites with information about the date 2012 and the many changing energies permeating earth.

Veils between dimensions have become thinner, allowing us to more easily access who we truly are. Now is the time to tune into your soul, to listen, and pay attention to what your soul has to say. Thomas Moore wrote a book called Care of the Soul, and he says, "The mind thinks, the body acts, and the soul imagines." The soul imagines love and joy and with conscious connection increases creativity. Listen for a message from the soul about your particular purpose on the planet, during these times of change.

I learn to listen when my soul speaks to me. My soul only wants the best for me, and by listening to her guidance, I have found peak moments of joy that I might have missed otherwise. Recently, I listen to my soul as she told me to release a job of thirty-two years and step into my soul purpose. My head tried to take over and rule me with doubt and fear. Thoughts of health insurance, bad economical times, and security issues almost overwhelmed me. I thought it all, but my soul was stronger.

I took a deep breath and welcomed my authentic self. My mind had never really given me those awesome moments of Love and Bliss, but boy my soul has! My soul knew that now was the time that I had trained for all my life. This work I do allows the love of Divine Creator to flow through me to connect with another, in assisting them to become all that they were created to be.

Are you ready to listen to your soul? Here are some suggestions to assist you in listening when your soul is calling.

  1. Learn to love who you are and notice what you LOVE to do.
  2. Discover what gives your soul great joy and trust this feeling.
  3. Take time to sit in the silence and let your soul imagine, and then write it down.

I am so thankful I paid attention and listen to what my soul had to say. My practice and my joy continue to grow each week. Only my soul could have guided me to this place of Heaven on Earth.

Namaste’ Cindy Bentley