Ready to Love

As we learn to master the 3rd and 4th dimensions; we step into the 5th dimension of love that sustains our divine energies. Heaven on earth in the 5th dimension is finding and exploring all the pieces of love that make us whole. This is the full understanding of love that we long for with all our being.

We human beings are starting to learn and recognize the potential for great growth in our consciousness by connecting to all the aspects of the LOVE energy flowing from our hearts. The more Love energy we access, the more conscious we are of our old belief systems. No longer do we find the need to use judgment, duality, or fear to love. We can now start to understand deeper aspects of love of self and help show the way for others. With this bigger deeper love, we are changing ourselves and the world around us; further opening our hearts and stepping forward on the path to higher frequencies of Divine Love.

As we journey through this reincarnation cycle, many are feeling pulled to meet up with their “soulmates” and others whom we have contracted with over many lifetimes. This sense of urgency at this time comes from our desire to discover those who are here to assist our soul growth, as we are here to assist theirs, so that we can step into our true divinity. There are many synchronicities that must line up to connect you with this partner you are longing for.

Here are some questions to ponder:

Have you met a person who feels unusually familiar to you? Are you finding yourself in conversations with another that opened your heart in ways that you never experienced before? You will feel drawn to discover the person who will share your feelings of love and service within your daily life.

How ready are you to have a partnership? Do you still have negative baggage to clear and surrender for healing? You will only be as good for your partner as you are good for yourself. Do you feel totally worthy to have your beloved show up in your life? Are you at a point where you can speak your truth?

Has your heart opened up to people of all walks of life and recognized the truth of their being? Have you found a personal support group who brings you joy, and it is not your birth family? Have you shared your gifts of service that bring more love into this world? Your work is to continue to keep opening up your heart, so that you may step forward on the pathway of ascension into Divine Love Energy.

Have you surrendered to Divine Order? The Divine Creator only wants the highest and best for you at all times. Can you trust that the person who is here to share your life is already available to you? Can you allow the Divine Creator to work it out, no matter what the appearance looks like? Know that the feeling of complete love and partnership is absolutely yours to claim at any time.

Namaste’ Cindy Bentley