Show Me More of You 

The summer of 2009 was a time of great transformation for me, caused by even greater transformative energies infusing our planet. I experienced dreams and illusions in the middle of my waking day, as well as vivid night dreams, and I consciously focused to stay grounded in each moment. I found relief by connecting to my heart and trusting that God only wants the very best for me in every moment.

I took three trips during this transformative time. My desire during these travels was to find comfort in nature, connect with Mother Gaia, and discover aspects of my Divine Creator. One especially important trip led me to a quiet beach in late September where each morning I rose early and ran to the ocean to admire the rising of the sun. What holy moments I felt deep within my being as I breathed in the morning ocean mist! Standing on the beach, I watched the breaking waves and welcomed the rising of the sun and all its magnificent glory. During breath-taking moments of greeting the perfect colors of the morning sky, I talked with God. Like some spoiled child, I cried out, “Show me more of you.” He listened. During the days that followed, He answered with Divine precision.

The next day I walked down to the beach to see the afternoon sun. I crossed along the wooden walkway in the middle of the sea oats and looked through the oats to see hundreds and thousands of migrating Monarch Butterflies headed straight for me. I smiled and asked myself, “How painful would it be if they collided with me?” Firmly standing my ground, I opened out my arms and allowed thousands of the delicate little creatures to flutter over and around me. Several of them used me as a rest stop. The beauty of their divine beingness engulfed every cell of my body as tears of joy and wonder fell down my cheeks. I said, “Thank You.”

Dolphins have always been important to me. Even as a small child, I loved them. Whenever visiting a beach, I would always sit and watch for dolphins. On the last morning of my trip, I walked along the edge of the beach at sunrise. As I looked across the water, I saw dolphins surfacing, coming up for air as they swam through the ocean. I opened my heart to them, sending love and appreciation for the work they do for our planet.

As I preceded the mile and a half back along the water’s edge, one lone dolphin swam with me as I walked. She stayed as close to the edge as she could and when I stopped to send her love, she stopped and rose as if to greet me. In that moment I experienced a strong feeling of remembrance, and it was if I knew her. We continued down the beach together in silent communication. I would pause to send her love and feel her spirit and as she looked at me, I acknowledged our oneness. As I neared the path for home, I did not want to leave her. I stopped to let her swim away without me and prayed for her safety, telling her I would be back and thinking, Oh, what a marvelous creature you are! Thanking Mother Gaia and my Divine Creator again for showing me more.

I continue to experience more Magic and awe every day, as I trust and allow the process of Divine transformation to take place. The light and joy within me increase, and I share these with others. The advice I often give to my clients is to try and stay out of your head and listen to your heart. When I say these words, I am speaking to myself as well, as I continue to heal and stay conscious of Divine Synchronicity in my life.

Namaste’ Cindy Bentley
One in a series of My Walks With God