"In each of our lives, we experience certain individuals who seem to grasp the greater truth of their existence. Those of us who are fortunate enough to recognize these souls are given the opportunity to delve into a deep connection with self, our creator and one another. One such human being whom I am gifted to know is Cindy Bentley. Through deep prayer, meditation and introspection, Cindy connects to her inner truth and helps others to align and clear any impediments blocking them from achieving their true life purpose. With grace and humility, Cindy opens her heart to assist others along their path toward achieving their innermost connection to self." —Marigrace


"Since working with Cindy, my dreams are now at an Epic scale with such details and substance like never before. For about a year and a half I have suffered with severe headaches every week. They are now very rare and just faint. I have also found a job." —Larry Hartwell


"I have been to many Holistic Practitioners and find Cindy to be professional, loving, and have amazing capabilities. She was able to accomplish clearing work in my home that others could not. I am feeling peace, happiness and better focused since my clearing with her." —Kimberly


"I have felt the benefits from Cindy’s energy work profoundly. Everyday I am opening up to higher levels of consciousness and spirituality. I recommended Cindy to many of my friends who I felt were ready for the next step in their spiritual journey." —Sandy


"Cindy Bentley is truly a God send! I prayed for help at a time when I was lonely depressed and struggling to find my balance and myself again. After having Cindy work on me I felt whole again. Her healing work continues to bless my life with the strength to overcome all of life's lessons. I thank God everyday for putting her in my path." —Lucy


"Thanks for a wonderful clearing, cleansing and dynamic blessing last Thursday. I feel energized and very much at peace. It was a joy to work with you, chat with you and be with you. Take care and keep in touch." —Dede


"Thank you Cindy, for opening me up to a new life and being a part of my journey." —Shayna.


"Hope you are doing well! I am feeling so much better. I have to tell you that I had two lumps in one of my breasts. They have been there for years and I keep checking them and have had a couple of mammograms. They are totally gone!!!! I am still having a little trouble with that one tooth, but it keeps getting better each day, so it is probably fine. I have no idea why I was in such pain with it. I have noticed my intuition is stronger and have had some amazing little "feelings" that seem totally off the wall, but I follow them and it makes sense later. I have noticed my thoughts/desires becoming manifest very quickly! I am amazed and thought it was just coincidence the first few times, but it keeps happening. Wow. What amazing work GOD is doing through you. I am so glad our paths have crossed. Thank you!!!! I told my brother and sister-in-law in Texas about you and they may have already called, or will shortly." —Brenda, Ashville.


"I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our session. It has changed my life! You wouldn’t believe the changes in my husband as well. I did not tell him anything of what I had done, as I wasn’t sure what he would think. So ... all is well in the Family!" —Patricia


"First, I just have to tell you how much you mean in my life and how much my life has changed since my first visit with you. You have made such an incredible difference and I absolutely cherish having you in my life. I would not at all be where I am today - spiritually or emotionally. So thank you so much for the difference you are making in my world, as well as so many other worlds." —Linda


"Your words make me cry with Joy. Thank you Cindy." —Allison


"Jodie is doing great and she LOVED meeting with you when it was all said and done. I had to make her go kicking and screaming inside herself, but I knew it was best to get the little bit of dark out of her. She has everything you gave her in a locked box in her room. She said she is going to write a book and you will be in it....lol. She said thank you mama for making me go ... I really liked that lady. Anyway, thank you again. I can feel her new angels around her. What a Joy. Make sure you clear yourself today and no issues can bring you down to earth!!!! You are truly a Gift from God." —Cindy


"Thank you for your help. We did call those you named in and burnt everything to complete ashes. Strangely, the whole time we burned, there were several coyotes howling in the distance non-stop. As soon as the fire was out, they stopped! For the first time in weeks, I slept through the night and the night after that! I feel much freer now and it has made an amazing difference on the way I've been working on my book. I truly feel guided by a higher power with it. It's as if I am only seeing through one eye and someone else is guiding me through the other, which blurs out completely. Everything has a strange white glow around it when I'm working. I'm in a completely different space. Gary could feel in my muscles during a massage last night that I seemed much "lighter". What a relief it has to have that negative part of my life gone forever! So, again, thank you! The work you are doing is so important and I hope it brings you and those you heal much joy." —Christine


"I just saw your ad in the Oracle magazine. Good for you. Over the past three years, I have become very involved in metaphysics. My spirituality is the most important aspect of my life. You were a primary influence for me to feel and see the light. Thank you for helping me in the past. I enjoyed and appreciate the books that you gave me. I going to Kennesaw University and still have trouble from time to time, but I am transforming." —Jessie


"Wanted to let you know my husband received a very large and unexpected bonus as work last week!!!! I asked the pendulum if this was a result of your healing, and it said yes!!! Anyway, we continue to be blessed by your great work and healing powers. I continue to tell everyone of your great work. Bonnie Martin and I had a great conversation yesterday here at work about what a wonderful gift your healing is. I am so very grateful for you." —Priscilla


"I felt wonderful and more free and clear after just one session with you. Thank you so much, Cindy. You are truly a wonderful old soul and a gift from God at a time when the world truly needs it." —Darlene

"So she liked her Christmas gift from Grandma! You were great with her. I know there were so many things you mentioned and helped her with that were important, like the idea she would be successful, the fact that is a powerful being and not diminish herself, the advice regarding dad and mom, especially the reason her dad behaves the way he does and that it is not her fault and how best to deal with it. An dit was so kind of you to give her that crystal; thanks so much! So, yeah, it was terrific, you were terrific, and it was such a great experience." — Marlene in NM

"I just wanted to let you know that with each day I seem to feel more like old self. Today has been awesome. I don't know if I am out of the woods just yet, but feel energized again. I have been sleeping in my house and my bed all week and not on edge like I used to be. It feels peaceful. The noises in the walls and roof have subsided."  —John in NM

"I wanted to send you a note about your healing you did on us yesterday at the Dowser's meeting in Los Lunas and say Thank YOU! I could feel so much energy during your meditations. YOU and your guides are so AWESOME!! So happy I went! Excited what this will bring in to me." —Kathy in NM

"Thank you for: Taking us through a process to let go of 3D and move more and more into 5D. Let go of old ways, old thinking, that don't work for us anymore and only serve to keep us trapped from moving forward into more and more love, the highest frequency. Love it. So glad I was able to partake. Good reminder to not slip back and give away my power." —Kathy in GA

"Things are going extremely well for me since the clearing you did. It really opened up many doors and changed the direction of my life. Too much to say in an email. I will never forget what you've done. Thank you again." —Chris in CO

"Woke up this morning thinking about you and everything you have done to help me in many ways. I am a completely different person, especially emotionally! It's like I have been freed from the shackles. It's funny, I look around constantly now, looking at people, and saying to myself, "they need Cindy even more than I did." —Crain in TX